Clinic Day 11 – Hamadira – Izava South

Our last day!

This morning the tables turned and we sang and danced for the people of Kenya before clinic – with our lead singer Harriet.

It was a very busy and steady clinic with the line being all the way out the door all day long.

Today Johnstone, Karen, Laura and I treated this family for jiggers and supplied them with clothing and shoes. The mother of these children is only 30 years old and has a total of 14 children. Every day she goes out in the community looking for any work she can find so that she can provide for her family.

Our clinic was so dark inside with no power that Harriet and Kristen had to do wound care outside.

We finished off our last night in Kenya with a big buffet dinner from the owners of the Sheywe Guest House. It was so good that Marie went back for thirds. And maybe fourths, I lost count. Of course we had to end our dinner with Jerry singing the Hakuna Matata song that we all love. Oh Jer Bear!!

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  1. Tonia Christie

    Wow, what an amazing time you have all had, and what wonderful work. This last photo is awesome, you all look great. Safe home, memories and friends you have made. Very proud of you all.

    hugs from Aunt Tonia XX

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