Canadian Nurses for Africa 2013 Mission to Kenya

On October 8th, Gail, Trish, Lynn and Dawn leave for Kenya to prepare for the arrival the 2013 medical team, who will arrive late in the day on Saturday October 12th.  Our clinics will start on Monday October 14th at Ikobera in the Kakamega-Vihiga regions of Western Kenya. This year, there are 13 registered nurses and one support person involved in the mission. We will be returning a rural area of Kenya as we have worked previously. Last year, Canadian Nurses for Africa treated just under 15,000 people in 11 days of clinics. Each patient in the clinic is registered, triaged, diagnosed, and given suitable medications, all without charge. The very ill are transferred to hospital and Canadian Nurses for Africa pays for their stay and their medication while in hospital. Thanks to all of you who contribute to our charitable organization each year. Without you, there would be no clinics. We will also hold deworming clinics at the schools, sexual health clinics and teachings, and Jiggers clinics.

Due to the unrest in Kenya this year, Canadian Nurses for Africa had to decide whether or not to proceed with the trip. While we overnight in Nairobi at a convent-guest house, we will be spending the bulk of our days in Western Kenya, which has always been a safe area. We will certainly continue to proceed with caution and exercise common sense while in Kenya.. Please return to this site for daily updates, but please remember, we do not have access to Wi-Fi in the same manner as we are all accustomed. We will post as often as we can. The picture is from our Education Day on September 14th. From left to right:

Naima, Maegan, Tara, Dawn, Madeline, Karen, Jean, Linda, Sylvia, Trish, Gail, Lynn (missing: Francine and Lee-Ann who were with us on Skype)

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