Thank You From Kenya


At times, we are too busy to remember to thank people who helps to make  our lives better.  So before I slept yesterday evening, I wrote a small reminder on my diary that read “Remember to write a brief appreciation note.” When I woke up, that was the first thing I did.

It has been five years working with you Madam Gail, and throughout this time, I must admit that I have grown to admire you’re leadership qualities. Well organized and focused; some of the qualities I believe a good leader should possess.  Every year I learn something new from you and I have no plans of letting go of this habit. This year I learned that it’s better to be an hour earlier than be a minute late

In the same breadth, I can’t forget to mention Madam Dawn, Trish, Lynn and ,Sylvia to whom I am grateful. This is the fifth time you are here. We thank you for the unfettered support you have dedicated towards this program , not to forget madam Magdalene , you didn’t  let what happened to  you  dampen your spirit ,it’s always a pleasure doing business with you.

 Thanks also to, Naima, Megan, Jean,Karen,lydia and Francine for your time to come to Kenya. It’s your first time here and we are hopeful that it won’t be the last. We appreciate the time you have dedicated to help improving people’s health.  Asanti sana

 I would be damned if I don’t mention my aunt Sarah, thank you for your relentless efforts to ensure the success of the program.  Not only have you been part of this program as a professional but, also an important link between our visitors and the local team of nurses and the community and to all the local nurses and clinical officers kudos.

Thanks also to Johnston (Idaki)  we appreciate your support towards this program. Jeff and Evans thank you for getting us safely our destinations. Finally, Mr. Solomon for helping us organize and mobilize people to come to the clinic. Without your help and support we would never have accomplished our goals.

On behalf of the people of Sabatia thank you all for your wholehearted participation towards the program.  In my mind, I have no doubt that the program wouldn’t be a success without your input.

Truly indeed never underestimate the ability of small group of committed individuals to change the world. God bless you all its not good, bye but till we met again.

Jerri Mulamba

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