Treatment of Jiggers (Tungiasis)

Use of potassium permanganate (antiseptic) and petroleum jelly is the most effective non-invasive way of treating jigger infestations. This treatment has been demonstrated to eradicate the jiggers, enabling affected children and adults to return to work or school. The treatment is quick, effective, and painless. It is important not to use sharp objects to remove jiggers since this results in open wounds.

Treatment procedure

  • Clean the area by soaking in a basin filled with soap and water
  • Add potassium permanganate to the basin and soak for 10-15 minutes
  • Dry the feet and hands
  • Generously apply Vaseline to the area
  • Remove gloves and wash hands

Prevention of Jiggers 

The following strategies have been identified for elimination of fleas and reduction of jigger infestations;

  • Cleanliness
  • Separation of human inhabited areas from those of animals which host fleas, such as dogs, chickens
  • Use of shoes when and wherever possible.