Typical Clinic Day

Clinic days begin early, nurses rising by 6 am for breakfast, loading the van with medicine and medical supplies at 630, on the road to a remote village at 7.

Clinics are set up in village churches, most with dirt floors, many without windows. Most villages are without electricity or running water. Set up takes about 20 minutes with an efficient team of nurses moving pews, setting up a registration table, triage and assessment areas, wound care and malaria testing stations, and medication and discharge instruction stations.

Clinic begins as soon as we are set up with an opening welcome and prayer led by Solomon, a respected village elder who has helped organize and announce our clinics to local villages over many years.

We work with rare breaks, however nurses can often be seen with a donated soccer ball, running and playing with young school children when they need a little pause (most clinics are located close to primary schools).

Clinic day ends when the last patients are seen around 4-5pm, allowing us to pack up and get to our home base before dark. The number of patients seen a day ranges from 650-1000.