Well, after 22+ hours of planes, trains and automobiles (thank you gravol courtesy of Nancy and wine courtesy of Lufthansa airlines for making me feel like Annie from bridesmaids seeing colonial women on the wing of the plane), we’ve finally made it to Kenya.

Although we’re 13 women with 439 suitcases, unfortunately Kristen’s bag got delayed in Frankfurt and won’t be arriving until at least Monday – but thankfully Laura packed enough razors for all of Kenya.

After a stop on the way to check out the views of the Great Rift Valley and to grab some KFC and iced coffee in Nakuru (which had Marie and Patti asking the all important questions of “is this okay to drink?” and “will this give us diarrhea?”, our bus broke down and we had to do a quick swap for a matatu in Kisumu. Just picture stuffing 16 people into a van. 

It’s safe to say that we were all ready for some tuskers when we finally got to the Sheywe.

3 Responses to “I was worried about the bus at the Rosa Mystica”

  1. Hannah McBride says:

    Good luck Kaye’s, will be thinking of all of you.XX

  2. Wow. Sounds like quite the trip…and long. Thank goodness you all survived the trip to your destination.
    Good luck with the clinics this week ladies.

  3. Dawn Bernard says:

    If nothing went wrong, what would you talk and laugh about. Best wishes on this exciting mission! We are proud of all of you.

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