Partnering with Kenyan personnel has proven to be extremely beneficial for CNFA. We work with approximately 10 Kenyan nurses and 3 clinical officers in the field clinics each day. Clinical officers are trained to diagnose illness and prescribe medications. Apart from being invaluable members of our team, the local Kenyan nurses also provide much needed translation and teaching in Swahili and local dialects. We also make use of local community workers who are not only important during our missions but after as well. They are our link to the communities and in our absence facilitate programs and care. Local people work as crowd control and assist in the registration of patients. Each person is paid a stipend according to their role. In a country with unemployment rates of up to 80%, we feel it is a small way to help the communities.

Kenyan Nurses and Clinical Officers

Soloman – Clinic Organizer

Jerry – Main Assistant

Johnstone – Community Worker